Member Resources

Church Directory & Giving Database

– Lookup info & contact other church members
– View and Update your own directory listing
– Get reports of your own giving history (starting 2023 and on)
– etc…..

 You can download the Mobile app for Android of Apple Devices by searching Church Office Online or Church Office CHMS in Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively: * Important note: upon first launch the apps will ask for our church’s prefix code ours is splcwf

 – Android Play Store App Link for Church Office Online:

– Apple App Store Link for Church Office CHMS:

 *FYI: Usernames are generally (First Name.Last Name) format and passwords are autogenerated.  No, spaces, but a period between the two names and proper capitalization of both names.  You can use the “Forgot Password” tool to self lookup your credentials if we have a valid email address on file for you.

 If you need assistance with your credentials you can email John Christensen at
(Lutheran Articles/Podcasts/Videos/Courses/Events)

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church financially supports as a church partner in it’s mission to provide many free resources you can make use of that are rooted in sound Biblical and Lutheran doctrine. These resources are in the form of Articles/Podcasts/Videos/Courses/Events/etc….

We encourage you to give a look and hopefully it will be a useful study resource for you.