Our Worship

St. Paul’s Church offers historic Christian worship in a casual, family oriented atmosphere where everyone is invited to experience the grace of God in Word and sacrament. 

Our Belief

We accept and uphold that the Lutheran Confessions of Faith reliably guide us as faithful interpretations of scripture, and that we share a unity and fellowship in faith with others among whom the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached and the sacraments are administered in accordance with the Gospel. 

Our Mission

We exist so that all will know the saving grace of Jesus Christ! As a congregation we seek to be a people created by God in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, called and sent to bear witness to God’s creative, redeeming and sanctifying activity in the world. 

We gather on Sunday morning's for the Divine Service (Mass) at 8:15 & 11AM.

private absolution first wednesday 5:30pm.

St. Paul’s is a family friendly, community oriented, confessional Lutheran congregation. We welcome all people, regardless of background to worship with us. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly and invite everyone who believes Jesus’ words about this meal to partake with us.


Sunday school for all ages meets at 9:45AM.

Students in grades 4 years old to 6th grade may register for Vacation Bible school this year using the form to the left. 


Office hours are varied.

Phone: 716-652-9197

Email: office@saintpaulschurch.com