Why We Exist

St. Paul's Lutheran Church exists so that every person will know the grace of Jesus Christ and grow in His grace to live as faithful disciples.

What We Are About

The Bible

We hold the Bible of the Old and New Testaments to be the only divinely inspired book, the only source of divinely revealed knowledge, and the only norm for Christian teaching. Scripture Alone is the formal principle of the faith, the final authority for all matters of faith and morals because of its inspiration, authority, clarity, efficacy, and sufficiency..

The Grace of God

Grace is “God’s undeserved love.” Yet grace is deeper than that. It is the love that moves God to act for those who cannot act for themselves and need his loving action. God acts in grace simply because God wants to act in grace. That is who God is and what God does. Martin Luther defined grace this way: “Grace means the favor by which God accepts us, forgiving sins and justifying freely through Christ” (Luther’s Works Vol. 12, p. 376).

Children & Teens

They are precious to us and vital to our ministry.

Spiritual Care

For all in need of ministry as they experience life in a fallen world.

Open Communion

At every service for every person who hungers for the grace of Jesus Christ.


God hears us when we pray and answers us according to His perfect will. Anyone needing prayer will be prayed for.