The Divine Service @ St. Paul's
St. Paul's Classic - Sunday's at 8:15 & 11:00 am.
Sunday School - 9:30 AM (for all ages)
St. Paul's Elevate - Saturday's at 5:00 pm
St. Paul's Classic closely follows the historic Lutheran liturgy as found in the Lutheran Service Book with readings from the common lectionary and biblical preaching centered on the Law and Gospel message of scripture. Our music teams leads us in singing classic and modern hymns.
St. Paul's Elevate: Framed by elements of the Lutheran liturgy, Elevate Worship surrounds scripture and thematic messages that are faithful to the Law and Gospel thrust of scripture. Elevate includes the use of creative multimedia, and a blending of modern hymns and praise songs led by our music team.
We celebrate Holy Communion at every Divine Service. We practice "open Communion" and therefore invite all who hunger for God’s grace to come forth and receive the Body and Blood of Christ which is present in, with, and under the bread and wine (we use red wine and white grape juice).
You don’t need to dress up for our services, worshipers at St. Paul’s dress in casual attire. All children are welcome to participate in all aspects of our Divine Services.